Your source in lumber, building materials, farm and home supplies since 1914.


W.F. Paulett & Son was started in 1914 by W.F. Paulett, a local contractor that purchased a couple of loads of building materials and flooring. He offered it for sale to the public. His son, Forrest E. Paulett, came into the business in 1919 and added a saw mill, which provided lumber to be sold.

Forrest Paulett hired Wilson Dansey in 1936, Marguerite Spencer and Haden Anderson in 1947, and would eventually sell the business in 1964 to these three very dedicated employees. With strong will and determination, Marguerite, Haden, and Wilson endured floods in 1969 and 1972, a fire in 1976 (total loss), and built a new building in 1978 at the current location.

In 1984 the business was sold to the father/son duo of George D. and George H. Hooper. In 1986, the Hoopers partnered with the Ace Hardware Corporation. Over the years our retail space has more than doubled. There are plenty of items in stock for the D-I-Y bunch to choose from, including a vast selection of plumbing materials, Clark & Kensington paints, lawn and garden supplies and much more. If W.F. Paulett doesn’t have it, we will try our best to find it.                

We at W.F. Paulett Ace Hardware, strive to serve our community and customer base with excellent and friendly service, and to provide knowledgeable personnel to help solve customer problems and meet their needs for special orders, all while providing an atmosphere helpful to the continuing growth of our employees, as well as our company.

Effective August 29th, 2014, Augusta Co-op purchased the W.F. Paulett Ace Hardware business and assumed operations on September 2nd. W.F. Paulett Ace Hardware has been a long-time business icon in the Scottsville, VA area and has been in operation since 1914. This acquisition represents a key part of Augusta Co-op’s strategic plan to continue the co-op’s business growth in the central Virginia area, to improve operational efficiencies and to strengthen membership value and services.

W.F. Paulett is owned by Augusta Cooperative Farm Bureau, Inc.